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Benelli Runout Sale Now On!

Hot offers on the 502c Cruiser & TNT 125!

Get ready to rev up your passion for riding with exclusive promotional prices on two of Benelli’s most iconic models – the 502c Cruiser and TNT 125 Fun Bike! 🌟 For a limited time only, save up to $800 on the RRP inc. GST and dive into the world of Benelli motorcycles!

TNT 125: Was $4,690 RRP inc. GST + ORC
Now $3,990 RRP inc. GST+ ORC (save $700)

502c Cruiser: Was $10,790 RRP inc. GST + ORC
Now $9,990 RRP inc. GST + ORC (save $800)

Dive into the heart-pounding world of Italian motorcycle innovation and style. Unleash your passion with the TNT 125 and 502c Cruiser! With over a century of heritage, Benelli motorcycles offer the perfect combination of style, power, and performance, making them the ideal choice for riders of all levels.



🌟502c Cruiser: $9,990 RRP inc. gst + ORC

Indulge in the epitome of style and power with the 502c Cruiser. This classic cruiser is designed to make a statement on the road. With its aggressive yet elegant aesthetics, comfortable riding position, and powerful 500cc engine, the 502c Cruiser delivers an unmatched riding experience. Whether you’re cruising through the city or embarking on a weekend adventure, the 502c Cruiser is your perfect companion for the open road.




🚀 TNT 125 Fun Bike: $3,990 RRP inc. gst + ORC

For those seeking the ultimate in fun and agility, look no further than the TNT 125 Fun Bike. Packed with personality and a punchy 125cc engine, the TNT 125 is perfect for navigating the urban jungle with ease. Its lightweight design, nimble handling, and sporty performance make it a favourite among riders who crave excitement in every ride. Get ready to turn heads and make your daily commute an exhilarating experience with the TNT 125!




With a rich heritage spanning over a century, Benelli has been at the forefront of motorcycle innovation. Our commitment to craftsmanship, performance, and style has made us a global leader in the industry. From the iconic roar of our engines to the distinctive design of our bikes, every Benelli motorcycle is a testament to our passion for riding. Join the legacy of riders who choose Benelli for the thrill of the journey.

Benelli motorcycles come with a 2 Year Warranty* & 2 Years of Roadside Assist**.



Benelli is an iconic Italian motorcycle brand with a rich heritage and history dating back to 1911. The company was founded by six brothers who shared a passion for mechanics and engineering. They began building motorcycles in their garage, and soon their innovative designs gained a reputation for speed, power, and reliability. Benelli’s early success in racing propelled the brand to international recognition, and they continued to innovate with new designs, technologies, and materials. Today, Benelli is known for its stylish and high-performance motorcycles, ranging from scramblers to cruisers and adventure bikes, and continues to be a leader in the industry. With over a century of experience and expertise, Benelli motorcycles remain a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and innovation.


*Benelli Runout Sale - Offer Terms & Conditions:

The Benelli New Zealand Runout Sale starts on 7th February 2023, and ends on 30th March 2024, and offers customers the following Benelli motorcycles at a promotional price:

TNT 125: Was $4,690 RRP inc. GST, now $3,990 RRP inc. GST + ORC (save $700)
502c Cruiser: Was $10,790 RRP inc. GST, now $9,990 RRP inc. GST + ORC (save $800)

How to Participate:

To participate, customers must make a qualifying purchase of the specified Benelli product during the promotion period mentioned above.

General Terms:

This promotion is subject to availability and while supplies last.

Benelli Motorcycles New Zealand reserves the right to modify or terminate the promotion at any time without prior notice.

Participants in this promotion must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Benelli Motorcycles New Zealand and its authorised dealers are not responsible for any additional costs incurred by participants.

This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion or offer. 

Roadside assist is not available on all TNT 125 models. 

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or require further information about this promotion, please contact your dealership.